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Product advertising should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. You’ve probably heard the phrase “product advertising is dead” but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Products are an essential part of your business, and product advertising is a great way to connect with your customers.

We’ve found that most companies are lacking in this area. It takes a lot of research and creativity to get the most out of an ad, but if you’re prepared to put in the time and effort it will pay off.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of product advertising examples that you’ve probably seen before.

Example 1:

  • Nike: “Run Like A Girl, Run Like A Mountain”

In the early days of the running industry, it was all about men’s sports, and women’s sports were seen as unseemly. In an environment where the men dominated, women were perceived as unappealing. That’s why this ad from Nike is so important.

We’ve all seen Nike ads in the past, but this one is the most effective of them all.

The ad uses a very simple but effective message; “Run like a girl, run like a mountain.” The message is clear and the tone of voice is fun and light.

The ad has the same impact as if Nike had written a book on running and given the book to a teenage girl.

We can see why this ad has been such a success it’s fun, it’s creative, and it connects with everyone.

Example 2:

  • Nike: “The Best Time To Run”

If you’ve ever been to a sporting event (or watched an event on TV) you’ve probably noticed Nike’s use of the phrase “The Best Time To Run” in an ad.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a sportswoman or a spectator, Nike’s message is the same; “The Best Time To Run” or not, you should be running.

The message is simple and the copy is clear. It’s a great example of product advertising that works equally well for a sports fan and a spectator. The product of course, is running shoes, but the message is as relevant to all runners.

This ad has no product in it it’s a message that applies to any running enthusiast. It’s a great example of brand awareness.

Example 3:

  • Levi Strauss & Co: “Don’t Run, You Might Get Runned Over”

It’s often said that “A picture is worth a thousand words”. In this ad from Levi’s, the message is clear and it’s very effective.

The ad shows a man running towards a wall and he’s running very quickly.

There’s nothing particularly clever about this ad the message is clear, and the copy is simple and effective.

The copy works well because it’s simple, direct, and direct marketing is so effective. If people can connect with your message, then you’ve succeeded.

Example 4:

  • McDonald’s: “I’m Lovin’ It”

McDonald’s is known to use the phrase “I’m Lovin'” a lot. It’s a popular catchphrase and the message is clear and straightforward. If you’ve ever heard that phrase, you’ve caught a glimpse of the marketing message of McDonald’s.

They’re known for their famous “I’m Lovin It” campaign, which has been a huge success for McDonald’s.

The campaign, which was originally launched in 2006, is about a man who decides to start a business selling McDonald’s products in Japan.

The campaign shows him enjoying the company of his friends and family and it ends with the phrase “I’m Lovin It”.

It’s a great example of marketing that’s fun and quirky and relatable. It’s a message that we can all relate to.

Example 5:

  • Budweiser: “Happy Hour”

Budweiser is a German multinational beer brewing company that produces a wide range of beers under the names of Adnams, Coors, Heineken, and of course, its own Budweiser beer. The beer is sold in all over the world.

The best-selling beer of all time is Budweiser and it’s almost impossible to find a bottle of it in the UK. So it’s no surprise that Coca-Cola decided to use the phrase “Happy Hour” in its adverts.

The ad shows two men enjoying a beer in a pub and the message is clear and simple. The message is simple and concise, it’s effective and it’s effective because it’s relatable.

If you’ve ever been to a pub, you may have seen the phrase “Happy Hour” used in the ads. It’s a simple phrase that people connect with, and it’s simple and clear. It’s a great example of an ad that creates awareness.

Example 6:

  • H&M: “Black”

H&M is a company that sells clothing, shoes, and accessories. They’re known for their cool and edgy designs that are popular with both men and women.

One of their most successful advertising campaigns involves the slogan “Black”. It’s a clear and simple slogan that’s easy to understand, and it’s effective.

It’s easy to see why this slogan has been so successful for H&M. It’s simple and clear, and it’s effective.

Advertising doesn’t have to be complicated and complex. The simple, direct, and clear have been proven to be incredibly effective.

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Brian Dean

Drumroll, please…

I’m a big fan of the direct marketing approach. If you’ve done any direct marketing at all, you’ve probably received some type of promotional offer in the mail.

If you have ever received a piece of mail from a marketing company, you’ve probably received something similar.

If you’re anything like most Americans, you’ve probably received something like this:

The offer is clear and the message is simple. It’s an advertisement we don’t like ads.

Ads are bad they’re annoying and they’re cheap.

We’ve seen a ton of direct marketing campaigns in the past couple of years and the results are quite disappointing.

Key takeaway

Many of these examples are a good reminder that direct marketing is still an effective way to generate leads for your business.

The key takeaway here is that direct marketing and direct mail is still a viable method of reaching your audience. It’s just that marketing today is much more effective, direct, and direct marketing is much more effective.

Direct marketing is more effective because it’s a more personal approach. It’s more direct because you’re speaking directly to your audience and not trying to sell to them. It’s more effective because it’s more personal.

If you’ve ever received a piece of direct mail in the mail, I’m guessing you’ve received something similar. You didn’t have to read any fine print or sign any forms.

You’ve received a piece of direct mail that’s delivered to your house. You didn’t have to leave your house to receive it.

You can’t ignore direct marketing it’s everywhere. It’s a huge part of modern marketing.

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