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When I look at landing pages, I want to see a high number of people joining the list. I find signups to be an important metric for success when it comes to landing page optimization, as it tells me how many people have signed up for the freebie.

I’ve seen a few landing pages that have a list of 100 people but they have not had any signups. This can actually be a sign that you don’t have enough information to convince them to sign up.

As someone who does not have much experience with landing pages, I find it difficult to have a conversation with a stranger and convince them to sign up for your list.

The best way to overcome this is to write down all of the information that you know that will convince them.

For example, if you know the person has a high purchase confidence, then include this in your landing page.

If they are a busy mom, then include this information as well.

If they love travelling, then include this as well.

If they have a family, then include this.

If they love yoga, then include this.

I find that this is the best way to convince a stranger to sign up for your list. If you can convince them that this is the right thing for them, and that they will benefit from it, they are much more likely to sign up.

How does the landing page look?

Once I’ve seen the landing page, I want to see that it looks good. I want to see it is easy to navigate.

I want to see a clean and professional design.

I want to see that the color palette is in place.

I want to see that the CTA is clear.

One of the best things I find missing from landing pages is a good call to action.

I don’t like seeing a black and white button that says ‘Sign Up Now’ that is easy to miss. I want to see a button that says ‘Join Now’ or ‘Sign Up Here’.

I want the button to have a bright, vibrant color that stands out.

I don’t like seeing a dark background. I want the landing page to be as bright as possible.

I want the landing page to look clean and presentable.

I want it to look professional.

I want the landing page to look as professional as possible.

Landing Page Optimization Checklist

Now that you’ve seen the most important metrics, I want to help you put together your landing page optimization checklist.

You can use this to help you build the pages that are going to convert the most.

I’m going to show you a few things that I have found to be most critical as you go through the checklist.

1. The Page Title

One of the first things I see when looking at a landing page is that the page title does not match the content.

If the page title is misleading, it can lead the visitor to click away from the landing page.

I’ve seen a lot of landing pages that have a bad page title.

The page titles need to be very short, to the point, and contain only the important information.

For example, if I were looking for yoga classes to join, a page title like “Yoga Classes in NYC” is not going to help me make a decision.

If I were looking to join a yoga class with a lot of other people, then the page title would be very long, and include a lot more than the name of the class.

A good page title should contain the main keyword that you want people to find the landing page.

For example, if I were looking for yoga classes in NYC, then I would use the page title “Yoga in NYC” as a starting point.

2. The Page Call to Action

The page call to action (CTA) is also vital on this checklist.

The CTA should be clear and should direct visitors to the next step in the conversion process.

For example, if I were looking to join a yoga class, I would click on the button ‘Join Now’ to join the class.

3. The Landing Page Template

The landing page template is very important to the success of your landing page as it determines how the landing page looks.

The template should match the overall look of your landing page.

If you have a dark template, then you will want to change it to a light one. You should also change your font and color palette to match the style of your landing page.

4. The Design

The design of your landing page is also very important. I would recommend using a design that is clean, professional, and simple.

If you want to make your landing page stand out, then you need to use bold colors, large fonts, and a vibrant background.

I would also recommend that you use a landing page builder to make your own landing page.

5. The Page Content

The content of your landing page is another important part of the landing page optimization checklist.

I would recommend that you write the page content in a way that makes sense to your target audience.

If you write the content in a way that sounds like a sales pitch, then you’re not going to convert anyone.

Writing content that is written with your target audience in mind is very important.

6. The CTA

The page CTA is also very important. I would recommend using a button that makes it very easy for visitors to convert.

I would recommend that you use a button that is large enough to make it very clear what action you want the visitor to take.

7. The Page Testimonials

I would also recommend that you add a testimonial to your landing page.

The testimonial should be prominent and should include the name of the person who has had a positive experience with the company.

8. The Back-Up Content

The back-up content is the content that you can use as a backup, if you encounter any problems with your landing page.

Key learnings

Landing pages can be successful if the right decisions are taken.

If you are doing everything right, your landing page can become a goldmine, and it will convert.

You should test your landing page to find out how well it converts.

You should analyze the data from your tests and use it to improve the landing page.

Landing pages that convert convert at a much higher rate than landing pages that don’t.

You need to make changes to your landing page if it’s not converting.

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